Among the many “how-to” playwriting books that have appeared over the years, there have been few that attempt to analyze the mysteries of play construction. Jan 07, Liz rated it really liked it Shelves: Provide fundamental principles This book provides the principle of story writing and creating healthy conflicts in plays and screenplays. All of this is incredibly distracting when trying to read Lajos Egri’s classic work, so do yourself a favor and buy a different publication. When I know what I am attempting to argue at a philosophical level I am more able to focus the action of the story and the characters towards that reality. Color of hair, eyes, skin 5. You’ve just discovered the unified nature of fiction.

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Lajos EgriGilbert Miller. A tne which I have come to late both for it and for me. Where as most books make you feel like writing is extremely difficult, this one always makes me feel like I’m in command and that great story telling is within my grasp. Too rigorous compliance, on the contrary, threatens a tendency towards stereotypical figures and predictable storylines.

The second half, on conflict and general writing advice, is still entirely valuable and still applies to non-theater writing, but must be synthesized before it can be applied to other media where dialogue is not the primary method of communicating to the reader.

The Art of Dramatic Writing: Its Basis in the Creative Interpretation of Human Motives

Any positive change in one direction undermines some part of the story somewhere else. Blake Snyder tells all in this fast, funny, and candid look inside the movie business. But I got two big, incredibly important takeaways from the book: All good dramatic writing hinges on people and their relationships, which serve dramaitc move o story forward and give it life, as well as an understanding of od motives — why people act the way that they do.


Extrovert, introvert, ambivert 8. Why must Nora leave her husband at the end of A The art of dramatic writing lajos egri House? The Art of Dramatic Writing: He bases his theory on observed phenomenon and allows illustration from example to prove his hypothesis. The author’s insistence on character over plot because character drives the plot and his emphasis on starting with a premise are two principles that will save my writing.

Upon finishing this book, I see ghe he meant, though I wasn’t impressed with the book as a whole. These are a few of the fascinating problems which Egri analyzes. Using Egri’s ABCs of premise, character, and conflict, The Art of Dramatic Writing is a direct, jargon-free approach to the problem of achieving truth in writing.

In my case I found the chapter of “Jumping” quite enlightening. All good dramatic writing hinges on arh and their relationships, which serve to move the story forward and give it life, as well as an understanding of human motives – why people act the way that they do. They don’t turn into a tray of chocolate chip cookies.

The Art of Dramatic Writing – Lajos Egri, Gilbert Miller – Google Books

He died of a heart attack at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. Then, a few plays forgettable works from the late thirties…shame Egri never knew Tennessee Williams or Brecht are analyzed, but quickly and without the depth of the first two, as if he got tired of them, and really, who care or remembers Tobacco Road or Idiot’s Delight?


His book is a direct, jargon-free approach to the problem of achieving truth in a literary creation.

Of course, reading in the 21st century, you have to make some allowances for a text that was first published in the s – I found the It’s about playwriting but is instrumental in any form of story telling. To ask other readers questions about The Art of Dramatic Writingplease sign up. The art of dramatic writing: Nearly useless as far as I’m concerned.

Writers often look upon outlines with fear and trembling.

If you love stories I recommend reading this wonderful guide book. He looks at you confidingly and whispers: Write a customer review. For literature, the advice can be useful in the creation of dialogue and character, choice of narrative speed, structure, effects of subsequent changes, premise and the design of conflicts. Second, pick the very best character to embody that arc. It was honestly news to me that a play needs a “premise” and that you could boil Ibsen’s Ghosts down to “The sins of the fathers are visited upon the children.

And yes, Egri will help you write a damn good novel.