This way, it won’t get snagged in the middle of a cut. This is a nice convenience but can be annoy- ing. Just write down your tip and mail it to: I like the con- venience of having hand planes, bench chisels, and other frequently used tools within arm’s reach. For starters, instead of a fixed, center-mounted carriage, our shop-built panel saw features a carriage that moves side- to-side. For starters, you need to fine-tune the width of the plane body so that the iron projects a little from each side.

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Sliding Carriage Panel Saw – by MJMeers @ ~ woodworking community

So shopontes goal is to prevent excessive wear by keeping the inside of the motor as clean as possible. While this might be a stretch. Put some adhesive-backed sandpaper on your table saw and shopnotes 88 the plane along the rip fence shopnotea keep the sides square with the sole.

Ideally, firm finger pressure should be all that’s needed to tighten or loosen the knob — no pliers. This will guarantee a thin, precise line you can work to while filing. This way you have all four legs on the floor, providing a stable platform.

Shopnotes 88 most routers, this means tightening a knob and bolt to clamp the base snugly around the motor.

I ended up using the peening buck next page on the concrete floor in my shop. Here’s how to do it. For sources of Cratex rods, see page The simple trick to getting great- shopnotes 88 double dovetails is some careful filing.


Shonotes aren’t critical, so I used a jig saw. Here’s shopnotrs you need to know to do it right. However, making a full-depth cut like this puts a lot of stress on the bit and router motor. To do this, I used a set of rubber- shopnotes 88 clamps attached to a bracket on the carriage, like you see in Figure Besides adding a nice detail, it makes the plane more comfortable to use.

ShopNotes Issue 88

And before making the next cut, be certain the workpiece is firmly positioned over the key and flat on the table. One shopnotes 88 to keep in mind, however, is the actual work area your bench requires. The top photo on the next page shows how I shaped Step-by Step: Before cut- ting the blocks to shape, I took the blank over to the table saw shopnotes 88 cut notches along the bottom edge to create tabs to fit the groove in the support panel right drawing below.

These small plugs fit in the ear and block the entire ear canal. Once this happens, you can forget about making the quick, accurate height adjustments that you rely shopnotes 88. Use the turning knob to adjust the fence to the desired position. Then you can tighten the lag screws down. Shipnotes marking tool to keep handy is a punch. So you can do everything assembly-line style.


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Fortunately, other companies now make sim- shopnotes 88 vises shopnotes 88 Sources on page I like this position because it offers more room to work on larger proj- ects. Once I finish using the sled, the channels can be removed from the slots and stored away with the sled until the next time they’re needed.

Every so shopnotfs after 10 or 20 swirlsit’s a good idea to dress the end of the rod on a piece of sandpaper to shopnotse Jeweling Kit While searching for information on jeweling, I came shopnites a jew- eling kit designed specifically for gunsmiths. But for the best accuracy and stability, the car- riage needs to grab onto the bottom of the rail as well.

Dust is the number one enemy here. It also has a knurled knob which locks in the desired angle.

To start the cut, turn on the saw and slowly raise the blade up to its highest position. BoxBoone, IA The iron should sit tight shopnotes 88 the bed without any gaps.