While the tiles you used were manipulated pretty efficiently, there were no signs of Dirt and Rough Dirt. If someone doesn’t know DotA and who’s Nevermore or even doesn’t know what’s an Arena gameplay type we should consider all possible circumstances , how can he know what he’s supposed to do? We have a new contest going on right now! He said he uploaded it in EpicWar and he upload it here maybe he didn’t updated the screenshots. It is quite challenging since you need to master the 3 Razes to kill others yet this could get quite repetitive. I would like to say my opinions too. I don’t know because it wasn’t written neither in a message nor in the Quest Log.

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The gameplay is enjoyable to someone like me that plays Shadow Fiend a lot. GrowTrees, hey, thanks for info. Team Play – You know what it does. Yes, my password is: This map will help you in improving your Shadowraze skills and you will surely have fun same time! Nov 4, Shadowraze wars ai map The neutral creeps places were kinda strange some neutral camps are on the middle of the roads maybe you could place them on edges or corners but not a big deal anyway but it is much better.


I would like to say my opinions too. A little concern is using river rushes and cattails around the trees.

Shadowraze Wars | Fight with Shadowfiend’s Razes! | Dota-Utilities

While race offers at least a damage and range description the other ones lack total a description of what they do. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Shadow FuryJun 20, I noticed the Mud Golem, a magic immune creep which does not get damaged by Wasr.

Furthermore, I also noticed that the game never ends. Have a nice day and happy mapping.

Join in on a ride of a 4v4 melee experience! When I bought the dagger, I could just rush in, kill someone with critical HP and escape, all that in a few seconds, too few seconds Furthermore, the AI all has the same item build.

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It looks terrible to see infernal and novas instead razes: I have replaced 1. The next issue is that your game is totally not noob-friendly or instructive. The terrain of SF War v1. Same goes for the other items.

A lot of maps do not feature consumables to increase the tension factor. It feels very simple at its current stage, but it does not mean it does not offer interesting PvP action. Typing an introductory message, where you include what to do, any mode you can set and a brief outline of the gameplay, would be much better.


Don’t worry, They are also in this map for extra fun. Talking about the doodads, they were not used badly as well.

The items on the shop were so expensive shadowraze wars ai map and gold and the gold earnings is so poor and it makes hard to buy items that can be useful. Runes include Healing, Haste, Map Reveal etc. Anonymous, There is already a potm war map. The AI does not look intelligent to me.

ArdenianJun 19, SclammerzJun 17, BLazeKrazeJun 16,