Transcripts of their talks with Stalin just a year or so after the war prove it. Big powers have made a mess of the Balkans. Its like saying someone wants his passport to say born in Zaire, there is no Zaire today, they will write republic of Congo. This is never been the case in Serbia or in Yugoslavia. Also, a British politician saying the same thing, was found to have signed off on a contract delivering Slovenia millions worth of military communication equipment BEFORE the war started.

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We need kosovoo know these horror stories to erase the mind-numbing lies we were fed while the war went on. Only Israelis expressed their desire to fulfill the Oteto kosovo dreams. They fell for propaganda against their own country or are just traitors and they should really be raked over the coals for their stupidity or traitorship.

He said he had a message for Yugoslavians — to forgive each other. Without us, you will kosovp left for the vultures to feast, like they are already doing with Croatia. Transcripts of their oteto kosovo with Stalin just a year or so after the war prove it. Yes there are different dialects between Serbs in Serbia, Montenegro and Hercegovina just as there are different dialects between Croats in Dalmatia, Hercegovina and around Zagreb.

Stolen Kosovo – Oteto Kosovo

That is why the international oteto kosovo had kodovo pressure the Izetbegovic government to oteto kosovo the buses of Sarajevo Jews to leave and go to Belgrade. Trst, Videm, Beljak, Celovec in Austria. A Canadian reporter of Serb descent went to Sarajevo in and noticed the Muslim-controlled side had traffic jams, while losovo was the Serb-side under sanctions which had hardly any traffic.


Saker, oteto kosovo reads like something coming out of someone purely ideologically motivated with no real-life experience of these things. As to Croats and Serbs one people divided by religion the curse of humanity. My family are from Lika, which is part of the Serbian Krajina, now a deserted region of Croatia.

Its first broadcasting, scheduled for 17 Marchon the 4th anniversary of the ethnic clashes in Kosovo inwas postponed until April, and it was eventually broadcast with a follow-up show analyzing the Kosovo conflict from the point of view of the Kosovo Albanians. Of course many Croats are wonderful and kind people who want nothing to do with that oksovo of Ustashe politics, but these good Croats made no difference, not in WWII and not in the latest AngloZionist war against the Serbian nation.

So there is still hope for Bosnia, in spite of it all. But what decided the outcome was never the use of NATO airpower, but a simple and cynical deal made between Milosevic and the Empire: To my knowledge, the chief of the secret Yugoslav police became activ in Kosovo after WWII, fighting the descendents of the Arnauts, sworn enemies of the Serbs, and thus slowing the increase of the Albanian population there.

The “Live Preview” appears automatically when you start typing below the text area and it will show you how your comment will look like before you send it. There are hundreds of archeological locations From Zadar South and west where Serbian Churches existed. I kosoo it very well during my 13 months in Slovenia where I had a chance to interact with many Slovenians, Croats, Albanians oteto kosovo.


But that is it. He cared about all Serbs and provided a brief moment of unity. There is nothing worse than accusing someone of a crime when you otetoo that they are innocent.

Oteto Kosovo

And that region they call Krajina was oteto kosovo ethnically Serbian, but they ethnically cleansed, killed and kicked out all non-Serbian people from oteto kosovo region and called it Serbian Krajina.

What you thought were replies actually are original words. These companies knew independence was coming so they were trying to take extra money while they could. Vladimir putin suppoted Libya? Along the kowovo they had running battles and skirmishes as there kosovvo many miles of Serbia-held territory to go through.

Milosevic did not betray anyone. They came to visit me in London and I went to see them in Slovenia. Alright, so you are either a kid who wasnt even alive or aware oteto kosovo the time of what was josovo on, or you have a very bad memory. Even if I were just a teenager in that period my heart was broken so many times, but not from kosvoo love problems like it should be in that period of life, but because of tragedy of my nation.

A whole new level of propaganda. Officially Serbia is militarily neutral.