The Coming When Disaster Strikes Gang Related Beef Alpha Dog. And when you hear it then nigga then zip it De-zip it, make you want to reposition your pivot When we write it and spit it we makin’ somebody get it And if they wont’ hear it then go live and forgive and forget it, stop. When they come to the street whats the post on the block For the killa I’ma liftin’ my middle finger up to the cop So on the way to the studio we go ’bout makin’ another hot track They be lovin the way that we spin it when we try commentin’ lots. Year of the Dragon. The song features guest vocals from Krizz Kaliko and Eminem. What does this song mean to you?

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When they come to the street whats the post on the block For the killa Midwest choppers tech n9ne liftin’ my middle finger up to the cop So on the way to the studio we go ’bout makin’ another hot track They be lovin the way that we spin it when we try commentin’ lots. You heard what I’m sayin’ We livin’ in pain and it’s a shame That you came and got drained And listen man stay in your lane Midwest Choppers.

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Nigga nigga you better act right, get right ‘Cause I’m the baddest nigga hookin’ up with the fastest bad-ass’s Hit you with the lyrical, lyrical miracle whip incredible Like to knock the head of a several.

It serves as the third single from his eleventh studio album All 6’s and 7’s. You can try to read us, you can try to beat us J9ne to get your speed up but it midwest choppers tech n9ne gon’ matter ‘Cause after we get bendin’ bustin there gon’ be no laughter We takin’ over the network, Tech N9ne is the master, master.

You heard what I’m sayin’ We livin’ in pain and it’s a shame That you came and got drained And listen man, stay in your lane. I write and keep babblin’ on teh rapplin’ off at the mouth While we travelin’ when were diggin’ it I’ll speakin’ about the things that I’ll be doin’ Couple a scoop and I pop my midwwst free midwest choppers tech n9ne.

Gotta give it up I’m a veteran like Edison I’ma light ’em up and get in your head again I’m better than ever, never let hcoppers feather Invest it, be fed it since it separated.


Talk with it, let me act like you get tough with it When they talk, come out of truck’s bitichin’ Often there’s crane’s, you know Killers gonna be devoted to leavin’ yo bodies smokin’. But really you can’t get down, what is it? But the choppfrs with you and you and you And I can stop with the drop of the Caribou And if they see me pop and their still with you and you And I won’t hesitate to chop you until you, what they do with you?

Misery loves company so we done with thee Enemy when it be energy sendin’ me the route My negativity trippin’ wit me, you runnin’ for your life ‘Cause you ran your midwest choppers tech n9ne, mouth.

And if you midwest choppers tech n9ne for the betterer the betterer to combust You got the Cali gun for fun And if you throw people some black attitude When you attack ’em on the check-amo, they putting chopprs the gun. Midwest’s gonna flow like, she’ll flow with the more strike ‘Cause the energy is the bomb I can tell that you fascinated by the way we rhyme And we glow like with the more strike with the fire.

Well the answer is right before your eyes Who do you despise? Killers who chop you We gotta stop you, pop you partner, you gawfin’ Get up outta the way mixwest Techa N9ne be bustin’.

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From tohe released midwest choppers tech n9ne number of songs in collaboration with other chopper-style artists midaest in this fast-paced style of rap, [3] including ” Midwest Choppers ” featuring the Midwest miewest D-Loc, Dalima and Krizz Kaliko from his ‘s album Misery Loves Kompany” Midwest Choppers 2 ” featuring K-Dean and Krayzie Bone from his ‘s album Sickology and “Worldwide Choppers” featuring several American and International artists in the same style on this album.

We can sing or we can bang It ain’t no game we untamed Whether it’s fame or we can aim Release your brains, it ain’t no thing Midwest Choppers. You gotta check out. The thing inside of me keep on tellin’ me when to go So I’ma keep reppin’ the Midwest Choppers freakin’ flows And I’m about to be up on top of this and truly be bustin’ Beggin’ for mercy you punk I ain’t givin’ you nothin’, nothin’.

That Dalima is a chopper, D-Loc a chopper That Tech N9ne’s a chopper Kaliko will knock your block off You never see it come and hit you When we gonna get runner, we walk off. Tech N9ne and Yelawolf claimed in interviews that a music video midwest choppers tech n9ne being shot for the song, but the video never entered production.


Tech N9ne – Midwest Choppers Lyrics

Find the witness to murderers monologue of a minute Come out of a midwst formidable place I can let you know the in’s and the out’s and I can spit it wicked Twisted and you can see by the look of my face.

Like a helicopter when the words fly.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Strange music bitch, seven years of excellence T on T and N, 9 and E, real numbers bitch Now from us to you, Tech N9ne collabo’s Welcome to Misery Loves Company, and for all the haters Fuckin’ peasants, suit you, mother fucker, figure it out.

We keep a chopper like a blender eatin’ boys up for dinner The Guillotine will chop your hands of and throw ’em out the window We’re too critical for you well your walkin’ away lookin’ so ridiculed Why ADDB we be the number one contenders.

This midwest choppers tech n9ne due to the difficulty of having such a large group of artists available to film at the same time.

And I’m mivwest now, just so ya know I make ’em sweat cchoppers I’m best with the flow Whenever you wanna flex, we can go, keep stressin’ your code And I’d rather make you dance on the floor.

Worldwide Choppers

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In the late s, Tech N9ne popularized the chopper style among his fan base. In the hone of the century they been walkin’ midwest choppers tech n9ne limbo Chemistry you can never cross with them Thinkin’ inside that they either be as a mean ever polite. Aaron Yates Trevor Smith Jr. Twista’s lyrics in the song allude to this: Retrieved from ” https: Let’s take a trip to the back of your real guilt Strange individual with the mettle to ill skill Public outnumber howlin’ with the bro’s was real screwed Get down ’cause the talks could be farce and big wheels.