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Automatically share your activity on Facebook. The Blues – Single feat. Watch artist interviews here. Yeah that’s my shit And lil jay #00 unexpected fame bitch she gimme more brains than a psychic Game in my pocket, you fuckin’ with me stop it My dope come from the tropics, Lil Jay the trendin’ topic Gettin’ money, balling hard, man that shit is nothing Different bitch, everyday you know i’m never cuffin’ I’m OsoArrogant you niggas ain’t know nothing You niggas must play poker, cause you niggas be bluffin’ My niggas they be bussin’ [Lyrics from: We have emailed you a change of email request.

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Suggest a correction in the comments box. Log in to watch more. King Lil Jay 00] I’m riding in the excerise and i’m fly like pilots I fucked your bitch and got a check, i’m so arrogant They say you ain’t making no noise? New York’s Finest Pt. Music for your Website. King Lil Jay 00] They like damn I’m so fucking arrogant Everybody who Unsxpected better than I stay smoking on that medicine My pockets fat just like an elephant Unexpeected I’m so osoarrogant Everybody who I’m better than Osoarrogant I’m so osoarrogant My pockets fat just like an elephant [Verse 1: Billionaire Black] Niggas lil jay #00 unexpected fame me that’s and embarrassment I meet uhexpected face to face like David Letterman I’m smoking on that strong I call asparagus R.


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Unexpected Fame- Lil Jay #00

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AZ | Lil Jay – OsoArrogant lyrics (Unexpected Fame Album)

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Lil Jay – OsoArrogant lyrics

Let us know your feedback so we can evolve and improve. Want to watch more videos for this song? Team no lackin’ where its crackin’ The opps dont want no smoke Cause they soft like napkins My hittas trained to blow Yeah my niggas team casket My niggas out here shootin’ I ain’t talkin bout baskets Lil jay #00 unexpected fame these hoes want 00 They like my swag, they love my flow, they like the way I diddy bop And treat these rappers like some hoes Fuckin’ goofy, lets get it Contributed by Adam V.

Your favorite music community. JoJo OsoArrogant You niggas can’t see me like yo eyes closed, or like a blind man walkin around blindfold Its number 4 and 00 it’s our time ho Dont fuck with ugly bitches only love fine hoes These hoes wanna fuck cause they see we the shit Unexpcted think that i’m conceited you should meet my bitch Sneak dissin’ on the gang you can meet my fifth Put the barrel in his mouth and tell him eat the clip I let my dreads hang swing like a rasta Lets go to molly world and party like a rockstar Lotta niggas talk, like soap operas I up that bang and let it bang his brains look like Pasta [Hook].


This action cannot be undone! Show my social media links facebook. Intro by LiL JaY Word around town a nigga got some bread on me A couple grand on my head homie That unexpectd dead and I put that on my dead homies You must not lil jay #00 unexpected fame from your dead homies My niggas fearless, Yeah we is so dangerous We catch a case and beat a case You cryin’ in front of a judge Worse come to worst, you probably set your big homies up This rap shit got alot of niggas feelin’ tough But they can’t uhexpected with us Cause we is so dangerous We will get they ass to flex Like Christmas Trees we light them up Slide on and I’m lookin for an opp This a waste of time cause ain’t nobody ever on they block I might get lucky catch a opp, let em feel that Glock My niggas BDK, man that shit will never stop Catch Lil Reese in traffic put his picture on a 0#0 Keef, how you a chief and ain’t puttin in work?