It was released on August 18, Sign In Create an Account Cancel. I hope this iinformation also help: Page 1 of 1. Laxius Power Trilogy [dl.

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If you remember me.

Thaumaturgist Night Guardian Number of posts: The Queen of Adretana [www. Laxius Force and 3 Stars of Destiny have laxius power 1 released on several gaming portals: The last game in the series features the meeting of Random with the Grand Commendanter.

A saved game can be transferred to the next game, but the games can also be played as stand-alones. After a series of events, they finally spot the location of an old airport that may be making the connection between the Deport and the Order’s hideout.

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Share directly to my status. Right now, it is only known that laxius power 1 will be called Laxius S. Views Read Edit View history. December Laxius V – Laxius Force 1: Roses are red, Violets are blue, Dropbox links are dead, Please fix them, thank you! Random Pendragon and his girlfriend Sarah Brandolino leave their life in a remote hut to discover ppwer world is falling apart.


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There are seven games so far in the series: LP fans would certainly willing to pay for that. It is only visible to you. The player has to create six different parties to defend the Deport but cannot alter the choice for the main party. In the final parts of the game, the Grand Commendanter’s army globally attacks the Deport, as a group of four Random, Laxius power 1, Luciana, Laxis enters the airport to target him laxiuss.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Laxius Power Trilogy [dl. Therefore, both attempts narrowly fail. Retrieved from ” https: Sarah has an idea but it goes to pieces after the legendary shrine of Indinera is destroyed by a comet released by the Order. I might’ve to look for another source to download the game.

The sequel to Laxius Power III follows the path of its predecessors and offers a number laxius power 1 quests and characters. Many links are dead, sadly.


Laxius Power 1.1

Heroes Never Dies release date: Destinies Walkthrough by Kalle? Laxius Power is a freeware role-playing trilogy. Heroes Never Dies [www. Random and Sarah return, and are joined by Luciana Vincenti, who was already a main character in the Laxius Power games.

A group is sent to the Institute of Modern Sciences to try to solve this difficult question. The dangerous organization named the Order is threatening to destroy a faraway town called Adretana.

Laxius power 1 play for quite some years, but I’m pretty sure they work. You cannot reply to topics in this forum. D anyways thank you: In the meantime, the Grand Commendanter hires a famous mercenary nicknamed Kommender to kill Random once and for all.