The pair have been rhyming together ever since. After a victory, Reed delivered an impromptu freestyle. Children rush the stage to dance with the band. Reed and Kendall Johnson Lil Faime. Thank you for subscribing! Dub Car Show Their popularity is growing quickly amongst the younger generation.

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Allen recreation center mixtxpe South Dallas. By using this site you agree to the use of iysss, iyess 2 mixtape info. Other artists have reached out to work with Yung Nation. The twenty-something rappers soon developed a reputation for outshining more established performers. This Woman Met Her Boyfriend 12…. After pick up games he would meet up with classmate and childhood friend Lil Twist Young Money Artist on the playgrounds basketball court for an occasional rap battle.

Youforia (Mac Miller Instrumental)

After winning a youth championship game they spit two freestyles, which drove their teammates crazy. The pair have been rhyming together ever since. After a victory, Reed delivered an impromptu freestyle.

Reed into music but he also played basketball. In his youth, he would spend time in both Louisiana and Texas with his family. The group plans on continuing their prodigious release of mixtapes.


Their beats are bouncy iyess 2 mixtape melodic, ideals for any dance floor.

Video Yung Nation – Versace

Yung Nation is Duncanville rappers B. One solution to this problem is public appearances. In Merk organized a back-to-school pool party for college kids at pool bar Revive. Yung Nation is happy to give listeners a lesson:. Reed as he and partner Fooly Faime launch into their show.

Yung Nation has refined their style since their first mixtape. Opening spots for Future, Pusha T and Tyga helped the group cut their teeth on the touring circuit. Fans love their irrepressible energy and tight chemistry.

Demetrius Woods on Spotify

The rappers pose for photos with the volunteer dancers before making room for the main event — the Universoul Circus. Merk aims to keep Yung Nation relevant both in Texas and nationally, an admittedly difficult task. Reed and Faime attribute their style to strong chemistry. Reed met Lil Faime through basketball, both being on the same team. Thugboss Nation is a collective group of artists iyess 2 mixtape within their time with Thugboss Nation, the duo gained many of the loyal followers they have today.


Iyess 2 mixtape and Kendall Johnson Lil Faime. Faime explains that the college theme represents their growth. We might as well do a song or show together to swap fan bases. The real draw is their dueling party raps. Reed and Lil Faime grew in popularity at an early age as members of a popular Dallas hip-hop click, Thugboss Nation.

Dub Car Show Yung Nation pump up their young audience in South Dallas.

Acrobats leap into the gym, but the crowd is still buzzing for Yung Nation. Reed both showing dedication to basketball and music. The duo decided to venture off on and formed Yung Nation. Children rush the stage to dance with the band.