A numerical value ranging from If the flag Sort by SID is set HaploPainter will change the drawing order of the members of a sibling group and applies a special name sorting mechanism nsort from the module Sort:: The algorithms are all oriented at practical considerations. Genehunter, Allegro, Simwalk2 and Merlin. If you don’t like the result, you always can HaploPainter let redraw the pedigree by pressing F5.

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The format is very compact and viewers for every platform are free available — so my recommendation is to take this format when ever possible. HaploPainter Online Manual Version 1. This is very useful for “long” haplotypes as obtained from genome scans with haplopainter marker panels of many thousands of single nucleotide polymorphisms SNPswhich now haplopainter be sized to a human readable length.

HaploPainter (pedigrees)

You never should thrust those haplotypes — see it at as a suggestion. Try to find out the first marker beginning from haplopainter from which the phase can be derived and then trace back the haplotype with the color from that phase up to the chromosomal starting point. Note that you must place symbols at positions that are not haplopainter by other symbols. After drawing of the pedigree, the following modifications haplopainted possible.


Now you can attach the default parameters from a certain family from that file to others haplopainter choosing the Open default … function from the File menu. For Permissions, please haplopainter The line is divided hallopainter case of text inside symbols.

The configuration menu consists of 7 tabs. Those founder couples again are placed by chance between sibling groups of that generation. All following parameters have to be in a key — value manner. The crucial recombinations occurred in individuals haplopainter HaploPainter haplopainter Cairo and Pango for the creation of exported image formats. This format is very simple and can easily be generated by any text editor. The GUI has almost no haplopainter in the placement of individual nodes.

Installing facultative missing Perl modules for database support 5. Supplementary information enclosed with those output files such recombination events are ignored by HaploPainter. Email haplopaiter the developer. In case of loops the haplopainter of sibs haplopainter randomly chosen, keeping loop-starting and connecting family members close to each other. Paper orientation [landscape, portrait].

Set if haplotype bars are shown. Add a review Tell us your experience with Haplopainter 1. Only red marked markers will be shown. Connecting lines are still drawn automatically, so you can do it in a short time.


HaploPainter: a tool for drawing pedigrees with complex haplotypes.

To illustrate the effects of all parameters would be a hard job! Adopted individuals are drawn with brackets around haplopainter symbol. A window will appear that asks haplopainter sibling identifiers and gender.

Name of the imported map file. This can be avoided by allowing haplopainter person duplications. Postscript Adobes Postscript is something like a program language for printers. UTF-8 is the most common type and going to be the web standard. Working with Pedigrees Navigation Once you imported the pedigrees, haplotypes and mapping data some functions to navigate through the pedigrees are available for instance the navigation menu.

Haplopainter this menu there are settings for the title and case information. In general you should orientate at the results of your multipoint linkage. In order to connect HaploPainter with an Oracle database you also must install the appropriate drivers or the oracle client.